Today's financial crime and compliance challenges demand new thinking 

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Major Group Investment

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Credit Suisse licenses and deploys Merlon’s Intelligent Screening Solution, Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to accelerate customer on-boarding while significantly reducing screening inefficiencies
Major Group leads a $25m investment into Merlon Intelligence aimed at accelerating the company’s drive to revolution the financial crimes and compliance sector through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning
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A different approach

The Merlon Ecosystem is designed to leverage the latest in artificial intelligence and machine learning and plugs directly into current financial crime and compliance (FCC) solutions.

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We’ve created a company that is wholly focused on its customers, with the nimbleness and agility to develop and refine outstanding technological solutions to their practical problems.

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Dare to be different

Working here is unlike anything we could have imagined.  Each member of the team brings a passion and personality that adds to our culture. Traits that we share? Drive.  Commitment. Trust.