Merlon Intelligence Recognized for Driving AI Innovation, Stephen Epstein Joins as Chief Innovation Officer


Firm is recognized by CB Insights as one of the most promising Artificial Intelligence companies in the world and named to the prestigious AI 100 list for 2018

December 12, 2017 09:30 AM Eastern Standard Time

NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Merlon Intelligence, an AI company used by leading financial institutions around the world for customer risk assessment and the associated potential for financial crime, announced today that Stephen Epstein has joined as Chief Innovation Officer. Stephen will leverage his extensive industry experience to drive the company’s solution direction, roadmap and go to market strategy. Stephen previously ran product strategy for Mantas, a leading financial crimes and compliance solutions company, and product marketing for Digital Reasoning, a leader in AI enabled solutions.

In addition, Merlon Intelligence has been recognized by CB Insights as an AI leader and named to the AI 100 list for 2018. This recognition comes as Merlon Intelligence solutions are being used and deployed by some of the financial services industry’s largest financial institutions to help combat the growing challenge of customer onboarding, customer risk assessment and intelligent activity monitoring.

“Merlon Intelligence has used AI to deliver greater effectiveness and significantly improved efficiency for decades old problems in the areas of customer screening, monitoring, ongoing due diligence, and assessing customer risk at scale,” said Bradford Cross, CEO of Merlon Intelligence. “With Stephen joining, we can now leverage his experience to apply these innovations across the entire financial crimes and compliance ecosystem. We’re focused on transforming how financial crime and compliance is managed and the role AI will play in reducing compliance costs and risk. We’re also extremely excited that our innovations have been recognized by CB Insights and we’ve been named to their AI 100 list -- an especially noteworthy feat considering the relative lack of glamour in applying AI in the back office of financial institutions as compared to, say, autonomous vehicles or computational drug discovery. The team has been delivering exceptional solutions to our customers that leverage AI to dramatically cut false positives and risk within the compliance function, and I’m delighted to see them win this prestigious recognition as trailblazers in this important fight against financial crime.”

“It’s exciting to join the Merlon Intelligence team and I sincerely appreciate the trust they’ve put in me to drive our solutions and go to market strategy,” said Epstein. “With 25 years experience within the financial services industry, from my early days on the trading floor delivering solutions to leading investment banks, to building one of the industry’s most successful transaction monitoring and behavior detection platforms, I look forward to applying my experience and energy to the Merlon mission and help to transform how financial crimes and compliance is managed across the financial services industry.”

About Merlon Intelligence

Merlon Intelligence is a global compliance technology company supporting the financial services industry. Built by a world-class team of machine learning and compliance leaders, our mission is to deliver a full suite of AI-driven product offerings that support the needs of financial institutions in the area of financial crimes compliance. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning, our software transforms how customers are on-boarded, compliance risk is assessed and introduces intelligence into the screening and monitoring processes used by leading financial institutions around the world.

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