The team at Merlon Intelligence is that rare concoction, a blend of seemingly mismatched parts, that brought together are creating something previously considered impossible.  We like asking "why not" and challenging the status quo.  We don't have a motto, but if we did it would probably sound a lot like "If you keep doing the same thing over and over, why would you expect the result to change? Try something different."  So we did.  


Bradford cross


Bradford is the founder and CEO of Merlon Intelligence Inc. He is also a founding partner at DCVC, a leading machine learning and big data venture capital fund.

Bradford has founded two machine learning startups since 2009. Prismatic used machine learning for personalized content ranking and natural language processing for topic classification. Flightcaster used machine learning to predict the real-time state of the global air traffic network, using FAA, carrier and weather data.

Bradford has been a hedge fund investor since 2002, starting with statistical value and momentum strategies at O’Higgins Asset Management, and a venture investor since 2010 as a founding partner of Data Collective.

He has spent 7 years building statistical trading strategies, 6 years building machine learning startups and 8 years on systems engineering, including 2 years working on distributed systems at Google.

Bradford studied Computer Engineering and Finance at Virginia Tech, and Mathematics at the University of California, Berkeley.



Stephen Epstein

Chief Innovation Officer

As Chief Innovation Officer at Merlon Intelligence, Stephen leverages his extensive industry experience to drive the company’s solution direction, roadmap and go to market strategy. Stephen previously ran product strategy for Mantas, a leading financial crimes and compliance solutions company which was acquired by Oracle, and he was also in charge of product marketing for Digital Reasoning, a leader in AI enabled solutions. With 25 years’ experience within the financial services industry, Stephen also held leading technology and product positions at Deutsche Bank, JPMC and CDC Capital where he helped automate front office trading and back office compliance functions.


Andrej Danko

Vice President, Business Development

Andrej is a business leader, technologist, software engineer and entrepreneur with experience in global enterprise software and start-up firms. He has led large, high-performing and culturally-diverse teams across the globe and has delivered outstanding value to thousands of enterprise customers worldwide.

Throughout his career, Andrej has held significant managerial and operational roles in corporate strategy, product management, engineering and finance. His main area of expertise is in product globalization: internationalization, localization and regulatory compliance. He was behind scaling SAP Business One ERP solution for small and mid-sized businesses to 70 countries and 40,000 customers globally.

Andrej received an M.B.A. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in innovation, entrepreneurship and global leadership, where he was an MIT Sloan Fellow. He also holds a Ph.D. in Applied Computer Science, and an M.S. in Applied Computer Science. He is an IEEE Senior Member and MIT $100K business entrepreneurship competition judge.


Is it time to try something different? Whether you're just getting started or maybe you've been at this for a while and need a change, Merlon Intelligence might be the place for you.  But first, a few questions to help you decide.  Are looking for a job?  If you answered yes, you might want to consider searching the job placement websites.  Being on the Merlon team is a lot of things -- unique, crazy, amazing, industry-changing, lifelong friend building -- but one thing it isn't: just a job.  So if you're a bridge-jumping, cold-water swimming, no challenge too big, setting-the-world-on-fire type of person you might be just the right fit with the rest of us!

And don't hesitate just because you don't see an opening listed for your skillset.  We look at the person first and the role second.  Also, we're growing faster than our webmaster can update the listings. Speaking of webmasters...