Merlon Intelligent Screening

Every customer has a different story, some are interesting, some are confusing, and some are relatively simple. Regardless of their story, every new customer needs to be screened, their connections, background and business needs to be understood and their risk accurately assessed. This needs to be done quickly, efficiently and effectively.

With dozens of industry news sources, local, regional and global sanction lists, variations in customer names and geographical language complexities, the customer screening and onboarding function has become a manually intensive process across the industry. Errors and false positives only make the process that much more difficult and time consuming, often leading to a slow and costly customer onboarding experience.

AI is making the customer screening process effective and efficient. By using artificial intelligence, our Intelligent Screening solution semantically reads news and information from dozens of industry sources, automates topic categorization and resolves customer information with previously unattainable accuracy. This provides the compliance analyst with a unified customer onboarding experience, driven by AI, where customer risk is ranked based on a holistic view of the customers relationships, news and information, and recommendations are made using the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities.

With a single customer view, and all industry information accurately accumulated around the customer, the analyst can now make a quick and informed decision, whether to onboard the customer and why. And as every decision is made, our solution gets smarter and helps to accelerate subsequent reviews and recommendations.

** Formal Relationships with 3rd Party Data Providers Listed Below are Between Merlon Intelligence Customers and the Data Providers Themselves.

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