Merlon Intelligent List Management

Sanction list management has become a complicated task for the financial crimes and compliance function within today's leading financial institutions.

With sanction lists being supplied by US agencies such as OFAC, European lists such as Her Majesty’s Sanction Regimes and Global lists such as the UN Consolidated lists, managing these industry lists in addition to internal lists can become a risk management function on its own.

Not every list is the same and names rarely match.

What happens when lists are coming in from multiple geographies, global lists are being issued and internal lists are being developed, with names and entities showing up differently across these lists?

Names are often inaccurately matched, aliases are frequently missed and language variations complicate the process.

The net result, filtering systems often have an inaccurate list of names and entities to screen and fail to match sanctioned individuals which lead to significant regulatory exposure for the financial institution.

By using AI to accurately identify individuals across lists, and leveraging machine learning to recommend aliases and the probably of the names occurring across multiple sanction lists, our List Management solution automates and augments the list management function.


Risk is dramatically reduced as the financial institution uses a single solution designed to manage all lists.

A single core list is automatically created and all names and entities are matched using industry leading entity disambiguation models that determine the probability of names, entities and aliases matching

Workflows that feed the banks local sanction filtering solutions become intelligent and automated, and AI is used to ensure sanction filtering list are precise, both locally and globally - across the financial institution.