Merlon Intelligent Assessment

Until recently, understanding customer risk has been relegated to KYC processes that relied on periodic risk assessments and semi-annual enhanced due diligence reviews.

These processes used labor intensive information gathering tasks and manually intensive risk assessment functions. Neither of these steps are effective nor efficient.

The opportunity to automate and augment the customer risk assessment process had been hindered by technological limitations and fragile rules based compliance and risk management systems.

AI is changing the customer risk assessment function. Because AI is underpinned by the idea of automation and augmentation, and with the maturation of machine learning models, customer risk assessment can now be achieved on an ongoing basis.

By continually analyzing industry news and information sources, understanding entities on sanction lists and collecting transactional activities and alert trending, The Merlon Intelligent Assessment solution continually aggregates and accumulates risk related information around each client.

Our Intelligent Assessment solution provides the continual customer risk information, making it possible to automate the following financial crimes and compliance functions:

-       Transaction Monitoring Threshold Setting

-       Activity Exception Reporting

-       Customer Risk Aggregation

With a single view of customer risk, that is compliance focused and continually updated, Merlon clients benefit from an AI driven customer risk assessment solution that is designed to continually understand customer risk, aggregate customer risk through a centralized customer risk repository, and feed downstream systems that need a clear and accurate customer risk assessment rating in order to perform monitoring and investigations processes that take place throughout the financial crime and compliance functions.