It’s our mission

to make sure you know everything about your customer. Everything – every compliance risk, every suspicious connection, every questionable money movement – all rolled up into one comprehensive picture we call the Merlon Identity Risk index.

It’s like a credit score, but it measures an individual’s overall compliance risk for financial crime.

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So, how do we do it?

In a word, indexing. Our AI-enabled Financial Crime Compliance (FCC) platform brings together the most advanced Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, Machine Learning, and cloud technologies to accumulate and understand massive amounts of customer data and give you a unified view.

More specifically, our platform consists of:


Merlon Identity Index

to ingest open source data from sanctions lists, Politically Exposed Person (PeP) lists, aliases, permutations, relationships and identities.


Merlon Compliance Index

to accurately assess and index the risk of customers in light of internally viewable Personally Identifying Information (PII) and information about a customer’s money and their transactions.


Merlon Content Cloud

to aggregate open source news and information, regulatory and public filings, and data from the Dark Web and social media channels.

On top of our revolutionary platform, we have engineered world-class applications like:

Intelligent Screening

Intelligent Screening

Our Intelligent Screening solution semantically reads news and information from dozens of industry sources, automates topic categorization, and resolves customer information with previously unattainable accuracy. This provides the compliance analyst with a unified customer onboarding experience.

Intelligent Screening

Intelligent Assessment

Our Intelligent Assessment solution aggregates and accumulates pertinent risk-related information around each client by continually analyzing relevant industry news and information sources, understanding entities on various sanction lists, and collecting transactional activities and alert trending.

Intelligent Screening

Intelligent Triage

Our Intelligent Triage solution leverages Artificial Intelligence which brings all appropriate customer-related information to the compliance analyst to provide them with a single triage experience, and aggregate and accumulate alert information around the customer, not just the transaction.


Tested and proven at leading global banks

Tested and proven at leading global banks, Merlon Intelligence has proven to reduce financial crimes and compliance-related false positives by as much as 80%, while increasing true positives by 20% and accelerating customer on-boarding from days to minutes.


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