Our vision:
Better results require a different approach

In 2016, we realized that Financial Crime Compliance was a broken piece of the global financial system. It halted innovation, and has let a lot of very bad behavior through the cracks -- all well seeing banks spending $100B a year on it and still being fined $35B a year.

We decided to rethink and build a comprehensive solution from the ground up that would let financial institutions, exchanges, and others know their customers like never before.

Today, leading global banks and others trust us above others to help them to know their customers and combat money laundering. They understand that legacy systems are inadequate and that the stakes are too high to use anything else.

If you need help better understanding your customers through the lens of financial crime compliance, give us a call or shoot us an email. We’d like to see if we can help.


Bradford Cross

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Neal Wolin

The Brunswick Group

Neal Wolin is CEO of Brunswick Group. Previously, he was Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Treasury and Acting Secretary of the Treasury. Neal is an equity partner at Data Collective Venture Capital and a board partner at the Social + Capital Partnership. He is also an advisor to Nyca Partners, a venture capital and advisory firm focused on financial technology.

Neal Wolin

The Brunswick Group

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