Our story

We launched Merlon Intelligence in 2016 to build a modern platform that can reduce compliance costs, strengthen risk management and provide a superb user experience to those who rely upon it do their jobs and inform their judgments.

Too many financial services companies struggle with systems that are many years - often decades - out of date. They don’t take advantage of the technological and analytical breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, natural language processing, machine learning and experience design.

These systems don’t serve their clients, their users, or the public policy objectives of law and regulation well. That’s why we have created Merlon Intelligence.

Our Manifesto

  • We believe in software that is easy and engaging to use, and that automates low-value, routine tasks like manual data entry so that users can focus on higher-value tasks like analysis and judgment.
  • We believe in software that uses intelligent workflow to guide its users, so they can perform their tasks systematically, never missing key steps.
  • We believe in software that automatically seeks and finds all relevant information from internal and external sources, without regard to language of origin.
  • We believe in software that consolidates that information in one place, in one language, so that users no longer need to toggle between multiple systems or struggle with translation issues.
  • We believe in software that is smart enough to present relevant information in priority order, so that users never miss important details.
  • We believe in software that learns from its users, getting smarter and more cost effective all the time.
  • We believe in systems that empower managers with real-time quality and performance analytics.
  • We believe in platforms that embed compliance obligations transparently, and that configure easily to reflect the legal and regulatory variations across jurisdictions.
  • We believe in platforms that anonymize and aggregate data in our private cloud, enabling the sharing of best practices and machine learning models across our user community, so that our customers benefit from their collective intelligence, even while demonstrably adhering to data privacy regulations.
  • We believe in “white box” software, whose principles and operations are fully visible to our customers, and whose results are fully auditable by internal and external auditors and bank examiners alike.

And we believe in bringing together world-class technologists and world-class compliance experts to build these systems.

We are building a management team, an advisory board and an investor group that share this vision, and that bring both deep understanding of the compliance and risk management challenges major financial institutions face and the technological sophistication to design and build world-class solutions to those challenges.

Together, we are creating a company that is wholly focused on its customers, with the nimbleness and agility to develop and refine outstanding technological solutions to their practical problems.

Merlon’s initial product offerings support the needs of major financial institutions in the area of AML compliance. Today, to manage their AML compliance risks, major banking organizations commonly depend upon a systems environment in which a large handful of outdated and disparately architected solutions from a variety of different vendors come together to yield a poor user experience, frequent errors and occasional massive regulatory penalties.

These environments commonly require large and increasing numbers of employees, not uncommonly numbering in the hundreds or thousands, to spend their days on low-value tasks that more contemporary technology can substantially automate.

Delivering insufficient value at unacceptable cost is neither scalable nor sustainable.

Merlon is building an end-to-end AML compliance platform that will change all of this.

Our development effort is proceeding modularly, according to a product development roadmap that we continue to revisit and refine in light of customer interest and feedback.

To date, we have built a user-friendly system that supports know-your-customer (KYC) investigations by, for example, using natural language processing to find and evaluate relevant news in a wide array of sources and a variety of languages, translate it back into the analyst’s language when necessary, and highlight risk-ranked results for analyst consideration.

We look forward to bringing the same technological sophistication and focus on user experience to our upcoming development efforts in the areas of transaction monitoring and analytics, case management, suspicious activity reporting and other important customer needs.